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Sasya Sankalpa

This is one more initiative from Team Vandhe Bharatham, in association with other likeminded organizations. We wish to leave our foot prints in every walks of life and it is our earnest hope that whatever we do for the cause of the society will definitely fetch fruits and instill more spirit to do more of such activities in the future.

Water is a precious source which every one of us needs to conserve for the betterment of our life and for the better hood of our next generation. Deforestation, degradation, concretization, loss of bio-diversity, environmental pollution and so many other factors end up in depletion of water resource. Innumerable bore-wells dug across the city have caused intolerable loss and damage to mother Earth and water table has gone deeper and deeper which has been a matter of great concern now-a-days.

The Sathish Dhawan Park at ISRO Layout, Off: Kanakapura Road in Bangalore city where residents flock every day in big numbers has an open well which was filled with garbage and silt. Earlier there was water in it, but due to negligence it remained in abandoned condition and people started throwing garbage into it, as if it is a garbage dumping spot. The dilapidated condition of this well alarmed Vandhe Bharatham Foundation to rejuvenate it.

Recently, in association with Welfare association of ISRO Layout and many other organizations, volunteers of Vandhebharatham foundation cleared the debris and made the well neat and tidy so that water fills in it and the environment becomes beautiful. The task done by us has been a startup to look into other such water bodies were debris is thrown. The rejuvenation of the well will definitely regenerate a number of bore-wells in the vicinity and it will create awareness among the local residents and the public as regards water conservation and environmental issues.

In coming days, Vandhe Bharatam aims to take up more of such projects through Sasya Sankalpa as a stint to avoid environmental hazards and instill awareness among general public.