War Room – Horticulture Department 2020

In association with Horticulture Department and HOPCOMS, Bangalore a self-funded call center as a service unit was setup by Vandhe Bharatham Foundation and it was a war room which worked during lockdown period involving 30 volunteers operating through helpline No. 8495998495.

The initiative was to connect farmers and ultimate consumers directly thus avoiding the exploitation of middlemen. The coordination with Bangalore Apartment Federation, Resident Welfare Association of various extensions of Bangalore city paved way for smooth and efficient management of the object, thus enabling marketing of fruits and vegetables to the great extent. Our call center interacted with 500+ apartments of Bangalore city and assisted in moving 5000+ tons of fruits and vegetables across Bangalore. The unstinted support of 1000+ volunteers on field benefitted more than 500 farmers spread across Karnataka.

The pandemic situation has proved it fruitfully that fruits and vegetables can reach ultimate consumers without the intervention of middlemen who exploit and grab major chunk of the market price. This novel project taken up by us has kindled a ray of hope for our future activities in this regard and we foresee a great change that is going to happen in days to come.

WAR Room Statistics


Interacted and Serviced Apartments of Bangalore


Assisted in moving Tons of Fruits and Vegetables across Bangalore City.


Volunteers assisted on field and Working from home to support this WAR Room


Farmers Benefitted from WAR Room Activities during this Pandemic Time

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