About Us

Chairman’s Message

Lokesh B H

Simple aim of "VandeBhäratham" is to create a forum of "Indians For Constitutional & Real Time Micro Governance, 24 x 7..." at Each & Every Ward/ Gram Panchayath, Assembly, Parliamentary & State Level, across INDIA.

To put in simple words, our aim is to engage Officials of Each Department in the Government at Each Level with the Societal Centric, Selfless, Ethical & Passionate Volunteers, backed by the best of Motivation, Training, Guidance by Domain Experts & State Of The Art Technology.

While doing so, We are very very particular about NOT TO Blame or Find Fault with ANY ONE on their Past or present. It would be a beginning of Complimentary & Inclusive Governance instead of Complaining or Complicating one.

Thanking Everyone for still leaving a lot of opportunities to do good things in the Society, to replace PERSONS DRIVEN Initiatives With a PROCESS/SYSTEMS DRIVEN Initiatives, even after 70+ years of Independence in the Country.

We know, the above task looks & sounds Too Much, also Non Achievable. But, we are sure, the way our Groups are getting organised in each ward level of Bangalore City and other parts of the nation - replicating similar groups, across, shouldn't be an issue.

It's a real challenge to contribute and work on the objective of making a self governing society. But with the bunch of volunteers who are intended to be the part in building a sustainable- self empowered society- which in turn is the true essence of Democracy- it will surely be achievable in the days to come.

With God's Grace, we shall all do it, together...

Vandhe Bharatham Lokesh B H