New Initiatives


G-One (Governance on Grid)

One of the major objectives of team Vandhe Bharatham is to reform the Governance and make it more foolproof and transparent. We respect democracy. Off late we have observed the Governance is lacking in many more aspects. We wish to have process-driven system than the person-driven democracy. In order to make this happen we have chalked out a plan called Governance on Grid. We have given a tagline G-one for this program. Our sole objective is to see that our governance module is one of the best in World. Our intention is to see that governance with administration, monitoring, execution, implementation that should be systematic and upto micro level, at par with aviation sector which is a technology driven system that works with precision.

It is our endeavor that Health, Agriculture and all sectors should be addressed and monitored under G-one giving more importance on micro level governance. Especially in Agriculture sector the data relating to farming practices has to be monitored with special emphasis on soil condition, seeds, fertilizers, cropping pattern on a daily basis in a real time observation.

We should be in a position to monitor harvest cycle, marketing aspects, so that it is possible to plan a fortnight ahead of harvesting of a particular crop. Despite of the present system of marketing which passes through mandis, APMC etc., it is our intention to address and monitor all aspects relating to quality and quantity of the crop, location, aggregation, destination, survey number where it is grown, transport module on a real time basis and everything should be under a Grid which is geo-special grid with the help of technology. Not only this, every department of the Government should come under the same GRID and all the stakeholders should adhere to this strictly to see that everything is on track. Multi-layer display and monitoring system security and hierarchy put in place will ensure that every activity of the Governance is foolproof and transparent. We envisage this activity through a pilot project comprising one or two districts of Karnataka at first and then it will be replicated throughout. We wish to ensure and showcase what could be done in improving the governance under democratic setup in a more simpler and strategic way.