Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. VandheBharatham is committed to the ethical collection, retention and use of information that you provide to us about yourself (“Personal Information”) on this website.

2. Your Personal Information may comprise the following:
a) Your name
b) Your age
c) Your occupation
d) Your email and mailing address
e) Your telephone number
f) Self-disclosed personal details
g) Any other data as VandheBharatham may require

3. The following Privacy Policy sets forth our understanding with you on the collection, use and protection of your Personal Information. Please read the entire Privacy Policy.

4. Your use of the website constitutes your consent to the all the terms and conditions contained in this privacy policy (as amended from time to time) and you shall be bound by the same.

5. Collection of Information
5.1: Site Browsing: You browse the Site anonymously. We do not require you to identify yourself or reveal any Personal Information while browsing through the Site. However, you may not be able to access certain sections of the Site or interact with us without supplying us with Personal Information. For instance, you would not be able to transact at the Site or make any donations at the Site, without providing the Site with Personal Information. If you desire to register yourself at the Site, you would be required to provide your Personal Information.
5.2: While you are browsing through the Site, the Site’s operating system may automatically record some general information (“General Information”) about your visit such as:
(i) the date and time you visit the Site, along with the address of the previous website you were visiting, if you linked to us from another website
(ii) The type of browser you are using (such as Internet Explorer version ‘X’)
(iii) Which ‘hit’ it is on the Site
5.3: The General Information is not Personal Information. VandheBharatham tracking system does not record personal information about individuals or link this information to any Personal Information collected from you.
5.4: The General Information is used by VandheBharatham for statistical analysis, for tracking overall traffic patterns on the Site and to gauge the public interest in VandheBharatham and the Site. Such General Information may be shared by VandheBharatham with any person, at their discretion.

6. Usage of Information

Personal information will be used by VandheBharatham for internal purposes, including the following:
(i) Sending you inter alia emails, features, promotional material, surveys, brochures, catalogues, Annual Report, online newsletter, and other organisational updates.
(ii) Maintaining an internal confidential database of all the Personal Information collected from visitors to the Site
(iii) Evaluating and administering the Site and VandheBharatham’s activities, responding to any problems that may arise and gauging visitor trends on the Site.

7. Security

7.1: VandheBharatham endeavours to use up-to-date security measures to protect your Personal Information. The Site is secured through SSL certificate.
7.2: VandheBharatham does not make any express or implied warranty with respect to the security measures that it may employ from time to time for the protection of the Personal Information.

8. Variation of the Privacy Policy

VandheBharatham shall be absolutely entitled at its sole discretion from time to time add to, alter, delete or modify any of the terms and conditions contained herein. Such changes, additions, alterations, deletions or modifications shall be binding on you once you visit the Site after the Privacy Policy has been so amended.

9. Copyright Protection
All content on this Site including graphics, videos, text, icons, interfaces, audio clips, logos, images and software is the property of VandheBharatham and/or its content suppliers and is protected by Indian and international copyright laws. The arrangement and compilation (meaning the collection, arrangement, and assembly) of all content on this Site is the exclusive property of VandheBharatham and protected by Indian and international copyright laws. Permission is given to use the Resources of this Site only for the purposes of making enquiries, academic research or personal learning by NGO staff. Any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display or performance, of the content on this Site can only be made with the express permission of VandheBharatham. All other trademarks, brands and copyrights other than those belonging to VandheBharatham belong to their respective owners and are their property.