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The vision of any good Government is to ensure the prosperity and well being of the citizens. To deal with the Government should be a pleasurable experience for the citizen. However, it is seldom so. The sufferings of the “Common Man” with the bureaucracy is the story of many super hit movies.

The challenge for any Government is its ability to reach to all the citizens, the various programs and policy, it brings about. The people mandate is for the vision of the government however the failure is its inability to execute the programs The structure of Indian Federal system was envisaged to serve citizens at microlevels through various Government Departments some Central managed and some State managed. However, in many situation a “COMMON MAN” is made to run post to pillar for various common services he is entitled for, defeating the purpose of such a system.

VandheBharatham Foundation stands for GOVERNANCE with a vision to facilitate the Government to serve every citizen on one common platform.

VandheBharatham Foundation aims to be a robust platform for integrating the entire Indian Administration in one single platform. For the Government, it is this same platform which is single window, through which it services all the citizens. The various departments, both Central and State will integrate on our platform. Chief Secretary to the last man in Panchayat office will use our platform to serve every Indian citizen.

VandheBharatham Foundation, strongly believes that multifold economic prosperity for India and her citizens can be achieved when all of us interact on the same platform regardless of the various services request, say, hospital, education, agriculture, taxes, electricity, water etc.

At VandheBharatham Foundation, we always believe that with proper technology, which is user friendly, the entire Indian Administration can be brought in one platform.

The technical team at VandheBharathamFoundation has vast experience and capabilities to build such a robust platform with the support from the Government.

Vision to enable all the 130 crore citizen to participate in the governance on our platform. Our vision is also the dream of the “Common Man”.