Water - Way Forward 2016

Water plays important role in the world economy. The dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as regards Cauvery water distribution issues has a long history.

In the wake of this, in order to create awareness for conservation of water a conference was held at J.N. Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. In this symposium issues relating to conservatio0n of water, change in cropping pattern to be followed in Cauvery command area, under the banner “Geography, Science and Math” were elaborately discussed by eminent personalities from different walks of life.

There were 11 sessions which carried different topics, and the symposium was conducted throughout the day. Managing agro policies, management of soil, farmers’ view point on climate change were discussed in the better interest of farming community.

Experts from IISc, GKVK, UAS, ISRO, ISEC addressed the symposium and the outcome was to minimize the consumption of water and change in cropping pattern, optimal utilization of water by BBMP. It was a phenomenal success from the point of scientific perspective. This symposium conducted by VANDHE BHARATHAM was hailed by one and all and it was decided to go forward to mitigate the water problem.

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