New Initiatives


I3 Institute

Vandhe Bharatham Foundation has laid out a road map to work on INVENTIONS. INNOVATIONS & IMPLEMENTATIONS related to entire farming sector, particularly on Horticulture under the banner i3 Institute.

At Vandhe Bharatham, we believe that “Serving Farmer is Serving the Nation”. Through this program we are keen towards food security of the nation.

In constitution of above work, we have expressed our desire to start I3 (Invention, Innovation and Implementation) institute in Chikballapur district at your campus on NH 7 between Chadalapura and Nandi Cross.

It is well and wide known theory that no activity or businesses are going to sustain without implementation of latest technologies or techniques. These latest technologies and technique are a result of constant innovation and invention works. The I3 training institute will work in the areas of innovation, invention and implementation in the field of agriculture thriving to train farmers in best practices of farming from across the globe, exhibit the latest products and technologies related to farming & facilitate for research and development. In this regard, we have requested Horticulture Department to

  1. Provide necessary permissions and co-operation to start the state of the art training institute at Chikballapur district.
  2. Provide us with the space and necessary infrastructure required to setup the training institute.
We are awaiting at a concurrence and solving many issues, related to agriculture and allied sectors enabling farmers to best of their strengths in coming days.