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Sapling Program From Vandhe Bharatham

Inaugurated by Sri Sanjeevji Maharaj, Sant Maharaj from Prayaagraj Akhaada of Uttar Pradesh. Corporator Sri Hanumanthaiah, Former Corporator Sri Rameshraju and Founder of Vandhe Bharatham group Sri Lokesh B H with us for this good initiative.

Noble work by our group member Smt. Gayathri Raghunath. She took this great initiative of sampling the plants by the students of GK Academy, which is run by Smt. Gayathri Raghunath along with the parents of the students and planted in different places. Each kid has been advised to take care of their respective plants in Raja Gardenia Layout, Thurahalli. Truly a great initiative- which can be adopted in each part of the city. Kudos to GK Academy, Smt. Gayathri Raghunath, students and parents participated.