Operation Fruits & Greens, Inauguration from Hon’ble Minister, Horticulture Department

Vandhe Bharatham foundation was instrumental in Bridging the gap between catastrophe and ovation of the pandemic situation through a simple way.

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War Room – Horticulture Department, Lalbagh

War Room- self-funded call center as a service unit was setup by Vandhe Bharatham Foundation worked during lockdown period involving 30 volunteers

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Support from RWA’s for selling Distressed Farm Produce

Inspiration- Support from Residential Welfare Associations came forward to maintain sustainability in the process

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Fruit Mela – 280 Tons of Pineapple was sold across Bangalore City to help distressed farmers

In a single day 280 tons of fruits were lifted for distribution in Bangalore city with an intention to help out farmers and it proved successful.

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Farmer to Consumer – Connecting Farmers to various Apartment Community to sell their Farm Produce directly

Resulted overwhelming response to Our Initiative - Fresh market at your doorstep.

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Helping distressed Ashgourd farmers by selling Araga Petha sweet

Providing market for farmers’ produce during the lockdown- a ‘sweet task’. Unlike buying veggies and fruits, A challenge to provide market for Araga Petha’—a desi variety of the famous Agra ke Petha was successful.

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Empowering of Farmers Producers Organisation

The Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka has been nurturing FPO get benified through Vandhe Bharatham initiave.

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