Fruit Mela 2020

The one segment which was greatly affected by lockdown owing to pandemic COVID-19 was agricultural sector. Despite all the measures declared by the Government, the farmers were not able to contain the loss suffered.

Most of the perishable produces could not reach the ultimate consumer and as such the farmers’ fraternity suffered a lot due to COVID crisis. Team Vandhe Bharatham was keen to find solutions, especially regarding fruits and vegetables grown by farmers. We coined a slogan “ a mouthful of rice-roti-dal and stomach-full of fruits and greens” and in order to achieve this to materialize we approached the Government.

We lifted big chunk of pineapple grown by farmers around Banavasi, Sirsi, Shimoga and surrounding areas and the trucks containing tons of loads of pineapple and other fruits and vegetables reached Lalbagh and it was a huge project.

We hired 20 mini trucks to reach out apartments and townships of Bangalore city and the help and cooperation extended by HOPCOMS and Horticulture Department as well as Horticulture Minister was timely. With the yeoman effort of team Vandhe Bharatham all the fruits were sold out at quite reasonable price and it was a fine gesture which resultantly broke the link of middlemen who were grabbing maximum portion of profit in the marketing chain.

In a single day we lifted 200-300 tons of fruits for distribution in Bangalore city. Our intention was to help out farmers and it proved successful.

More importantly we distributed around 90000 pineapple fruits to COVID warriors, ASHA workers, BBMP garbage cleaning employees and the poor & downtrodden freely in and around Bangalore city and this gesture made us feel satisfied about the task we did. Pineapple contains high volume of Vitamin-C which is ideal to combat the infection of COVID-19. Team Vandhe Bharatham is keen to replicate this module in a holistic way, in days ahead. We are keen in achieving real time micro Governance 24X7 is not far away which is going to be materialized in future.

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